Security Tips


To frustrate a burglar, reduce or remove his opportunities. Simple, practical crime prevention techniques, when implemented, are...


Victims = 1 every 12 households Occurance = 1 every 60 minutes

Is Your Home Safe? Once you have...


A business must be accessible to staff, clients, and other parties. This results in a high-risk index. To protect your business from...


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Security Guard Supply

The Company's core business and concentration has been in providing trained guards, with other support and related services introduced as and when required. Our ability in customizing each assignment accordingly has been the Company's strength. The need to provide the entire gamut of security service is essential as requirements become more and more complex, and with the growing affluence the need for sophisticated services was seen as the obvious progression, in order to maintain an edge...


Cleaning Services

Kalinchok Security Services is proud to be associated with its partners at Kalinchok Manpower. Together we form a conglomerate that tends to the horizontal requirements of the overall security needs of the Nepalese security market. 


KSS has recently setup to provide cleaning services to business-houses and medium-scale offices. Each cleaning personnel takes great pride in their work. All of our employees are bonded with an agreement, trained to provide the...


Training and Drills

Basic training involves classroom lectures, role-play exercises and specific assignment training. It is mandatory for all employees to undertake the Basic Security Training Course before deployment, which teaches them the necessary skills to perform their duties. Refresher training is also mandatory for guards which are conducted on a quarterly basis every year so as to bring the guards up to date with the current security...