Security Overview on Residential Burglary & Theft

Victims = 1 every 12 households Occurance = 1 every 60 minutes

Is Your Home Safe? Once you have followed these recommendations, you should feel reasonably secure. No homes are burglar-proof, but you have reduced the opportunity.  

Your investment of time, energy and resources was well worth it. Every five seconds someone wishes they had practiced crime prevention. Your Home: As Safe As You Think? Traditionally, most of us have regarded our home as a castle, a refuge and a place safe from the intrusions of crime in the streets. But your home may not be as safe as you think....


How to Protect your Home

To frustrate a burglar, reduce or remove his opportunities. Simple, practical crime prevention techniques, when implemented, are demonstrating overwhelming success at deterring the youthful burglar.

  Inspect all points of entry into your home:     
  • Doors   
  • All outside doors should be solid core in construction, or metal clad. Hollow core doors are easily kicked or battered in.  
  • All door frames should be solid in construction and firmly attached to the house structure.  
  • 3

    How to Protect your Neighborhood

    Get to know your neighbors and become familiar with their routines. You're going to be partners in watching the activities on your block.

    What to Do:

    • Be suspicious. Report any unusual or suspicious behavior to the police or local authorities. Write down descriptions of the person(s) and license numbers plates of any vehicles involved.  
    • Above all, be concerned. It's the most effective way to reduce or prevent crime and make your neighborhood safe.  
    • Establish a meeting time and place convenient to all.  
    • Exchange names, home and work...


    Overview on Business & Commercial Security

    New security analysis research has found that the best protection and safety measures arise from the use of a mixed Security Structure. This means that businesses where they employ a Security Guard service along with Electronic Security devices had a comparative 88% lower chance of being targeted for robbery. And in the offset probability where they were targeted, 99% of the culprits were caught with evidence.

    One sure way to reduce property loss (during non-business hours) is to install a commercial alarm system. By covering doors and windows with sensors and posting clearly visible security "warning decals" you can greatly reduce the chances of burglary...


    How to Protect your Business

    A business must be accessible to staff, clients, and other parties. This results in a high-risk index. To protect your business from existent threats and to limit the potential of loss, follow these tips provided by KSS:  

    • Develop, implement and periodically revisit your company’s security and safety plans. Have all employees sign an agreement that they will adhere to the policies and that they understand the consequences of violating those policies. Place a copy in their employment file. If you don’t have any security/safety plans, write them, or have them developed for your company by our specialized staff at KSS,...