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How to Protect your Business

A business must be accessible to staff, clients, and other parties. This results in a high-risk index. To protect your business from existent threats and to limit the potential of loss, follow these tips provided by KSS:

  • Develop, implement and periodically revisit your company’s security and safety plans. Have all employees sign an agreement that they will adhere to the policies and that they understand the consequences of violating those policies. Place a copy in their employment file. If you don’t have any security/safety plans, write them, or have them developed for your company by our specialized staff at KSS, your trusted security consultant.
  • Have an emergency plan at home and your business. This should include what to do and who to notify in the case of any emergency such as fire, theft, robbery, hurricane, tornado, etc. Remember that integrating a security.
  • Shred hardcopies that you plan to discard. Protect softcopies through encryption tools.
  • Maintain good data hygiene. Protect passwords, change them often and DO NOT write them down and leave them unsecured !Install and maintain adequate locks on all doors, windows and storage areas. This includes laptops, desktop computers, PDA’s, file cabinets, etc.
  • Install and maintain adequate lighting on the exterior perimeter of your building(s). This includes back doors, loading docks and parking lots.
  • Maintain a small amount of lighting on the interior of your business after hours so that passersby such as police, security and customers can see into your business.
  • Ensure an uncluttered and unobstructed view into your business. Thieves/Burglars are attracted to businesses where they can’t be seen from the street.
  • Have all employees secure their personal belongings in their desk, file cabinet, closet or lockable container.
  • Install a chime/door bell to alert you whenever you have visitors/customers at your business.

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Issued in Public Interest by Kalinchok Security, a leading security provider in Nepal